Module Contents

class ifcpatch.recipes.PurgeData.Patcher(src: str, file: ifcopenshell.file, logger: logging.Logger)

Purge IFC properties, relationships, and other data

In some rare cases (i.e. “resetting” a model or for security purposes) you may need to purge all relationships and data within a model but retain the ability to view the geometry in a model. This patch purges the following relationships:

  • STEP comments, which may include software export metadata

  • Header data, which may include filenames

  • Owner, person, organisation, and application data

  • Addresses

  • Rooted names

  • Tags (that reference original software)

  • Properties and quantities

  • Materials

  • Styles (e.g. colours)

  • External references like classifications, documents, libraries

  • Types

  • Groups (such as model groups or search groups) and systems

  • Profile names


# Watch the world burn
ifcpatch.execute({"input": "input.ifc", "file": model, "recipe": "PurgeData", "arguments": []})