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ifcopenshell.api.system.add_system.add_system(file: ifcopenshell.file, ifc_class: str = 'IfcDistributionSystem') ifcopenshell.entity_instance

Add a new distribution system

A distribution system is a group of distribution elements, like ducts, pipes, pumps, filters, fans, and so on that distribute a medium (air, liquid, or electricity) throughout a facility. Systems may be hierarchical, with larger systems composed of smaller subsystems.


ifc_class (str) – The type of system, chosen from IfcDistributionSystem for mechanical, electrical, communications, plumbing, fire, or security systems. Alternatively you may choose IfcBuildingSystem for specialised building facade systems or similar. For IFC2X3, choose IfcSystem.


The newly created IfcSystem.

Return type:



# A completely empty distribution system
system = ifcopenshell.api.run("system.add_system", model)