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class ifcpatch.recipes.DowngradeIndexedPolyCurve.Patcher(src, file, logger)

Downgrade indexed polycurves to simple polylines

Low quality IFC viewers like Navisworks do not support various IFC4 geometry, such as indexed polycurves. These can result in missing geometry or geometric glitches (such as arcs being displayed as full circles). This is pretty common when viewing IFCs from ArchiCAD that include site boundaries (incorrectly drawn using the ArchiCAD grid tool, as ArchiCAD has no site boundary tool).

This will downgrade specifically the indexed polycurve geometry types in an IFC4 model (IFC2X3 does not have this geometry type) to help compatibility in viewers like Navisworks.


ifcpatch.execute({“input”: “input.ifc”, “file”: model, “recipe”: “DowngradeIndexedPolyCurve”, “arguments”: []})