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ifcopenshell.api.resource.calculate_resource_work.calculate_resource_work(file, resource=None) None

Calculates the work that a resource is used for

This is an unofficial parametric calculation that may be done on a resource based on careful analysis of the relationships between the costing, scheduling, and resource domains in IFC.

A resource may store a productivity rate in a property set called EPset_Productivity. This stores three properties:

  • BaseQuantityConsumed - a duration that the resource is consumed for.

  • BaseQuantityProducedName - what quantity the resource can produce,

    such as area or volume.

  • BaseQuantityProducedValue - what value of that quantity the resource

    can produce during that duration.

For example, a labour or equipment resource might produce 100m3 of NetVolume every day (i.e. 8 hours are consumed).

Then, if a resource is assigned to a construction task, and that construction task is assigned to concrete slabs totalling 200m3, we can calculate that the resource consumes 16 hours of work.

This calculated work is stored against the resource as scheduled work under the resource time data.


resource (ifcopenshell.entity_instance) – The IfcConstructionResource that you want to calculate the work performed.

Return None:

Return type: