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class ifcopenshell.api.owner.add_application.Usecase
ifcopenshell.api.owner.add_application.add_application(file, application_developer=None, version=None, application_full_name='IfcOpenShell', application_identifier='IfcOpenShell') None

Adds a new application

IFC data may be associated with an authoring application to identify which application was responsible for editing or authoring the data. An application is defined by the developing organisation, as well as a full name and identifier. This is akin to how web browsers have an identification string.

  • application_developer (ifcopenshell.entity_instance, optional) – The IfcOrganization responsible for creating the application. Defaults to generating an IfcOpenShell organisation if none is provided.

  • version (str, optional) – The version of the application. Defaults to the ifcopenshell.version data if not specified.

  • application_full_name (str, optional) – The name of the application

  • application_identifier (str, optional) – An identification string for the application intended for computers to read.


application = ifcopenshell.api.run("owner.add_application", model)