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ifcopenshell.api.sequence.assign_product.assign_product(file, relating_product=None, related_object=None) None

Assigns a product to be produced as a result of a process

A construction task may result in products (e.g. a wall) being constructed. These task “Outputs” are defined in IFC through product relationships.

Not all tasks have Outputs. For example, maintenance tasks will typically not have any outputs.

See ifcopenshell.api.sequence.assign_process for Inputs and other types of process relationships that can be described in manufacturing process modeling.


The newly created IfcRelAssignsToProduct relationship

Return type:



# Let's imagine we are creating a construction schedule. All tasks
# need to be part of a work schedule.
schedule = ifcopenshell.api.run("sequence.add_work_schedule", model, name="Construction Schedule A")

# Let's create a construction task. Note that the predefined type is
# important to distinguish types of tasks.
task = ifcopenshell.api.run("sequence.add_task", model,
    work_schedule=schedule, name="Build wall", identification="A", predefined_type="CONSTRUCTION")

# Let's say we have a wall somewhere.
wall = ifcopenshell.api.run("root.create_entity", model, ifc_class="IfcWall")

# Let's construct that wall!
ifcopenshell.api.run("sequence.assign_product", model, relating_product=wall, related_object=task)