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ifcopenshell.api.group.add_group.add_group(file, Name='Unnamed', Description=None) None

Adds a new group

An IFC group is an arbitrary collection of products, which are typically physical. It may be used when there is no other more specific group which may be used. Other types of groups include distribution systems, which group together products that are connected and circulate a medium (such as fluid or electricity), or zones, which group together spaces, or structural load groups, which group together loads for structural analysis, or inventories, which are groups of assets.

  • Name (str, optional) – The name of the group. Defaults to “Unnamed”

  • Description (str, optional) – The description of the purpose of the group.


The newly created IfcGroup

Return type:



ifcopenshell.api.run("group.add_group", model, Name="Unit 1A")