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ifcopenshell.api.document.add_information.add_information(file, parent=None) None

Adds a new document information to the project

An IFC document information is a document associated with the project. It may be a drawing, specification, schedule, certificate, warranty guarantee, manual, contract, and so on. They are often used for drawings and facility management purposes.

A document may also be a subdocument of a larger document, this is useful for superseding documents or tracking older versions. The parent is considered the latest version and the children are older revisions.


parent (ifcopenshell.entity_instance, optional) – The parent document, if necessary.


The newly created IfcDocumentInformation entity

Return type:



document = ifcopenshell.api.run("document.add_information", model)
# A document typically has a unique drawing or document name (which
# follows a coding system depending on the project), as well as a
# title.  This should match what is shown on the titleblock or title
# page of the document. At a minimum you'd also want to specify a
# URI location. The location may be on local, or on a CDE, or any
# other platform.
ifcopenshell.api.run("document.edit_information", model,
    attributes={"Identification": "A-GA-6100", "Name": "Overall Plan",
    "Location": "A-GA-6100 - Overall Plan.pdf"})