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ifcopenshell.api.pset_template.add_prop_template.add_prop_template(file, pset_template=None, name='NewProperty', description=None, template_type='P_SINGLEVALUE', primary_measure_type='IfcLabel') None

Adds new property templates to a property set template

Assuming you first have a property set template, this allows you to add templates for properties within that property set. A property template lets you specify the name, description, and data type of a property. When the template is provided to a model author, this gives them clear instructions about the intention of the property and exactly which data type to use.

Types of properties and quantities include:

  • P_SINGLEVALUE - a single value, the most common type of property.

  • P_ENUMERATEDVALUE - the property value may one or more values chosen

    from a preset list of values.

  • P_BOUNDEDVALUE - the property has a minimum, maximum, and set value.

  • P_LISTVALUE - the property has a list of values.

  • P_TABLEVALUE - the property has a table of values.

  • P_REFERENCEVALUE - the property is a parametric reference to another

    value. This is only for advanced users.

  • Q_LENGTH - the quantity is a length.

  • Q_AREA - the quantity is an area.

  • Q_VOLUME - the quantity is a volume.

  • Q_COUNT - the quantity is counting a item.

  • Q_WEIGHT - the quantity is a weight.

  • Q_TIME - the quantity is a time duration.

  • pset_template (ifcopenshell.entity_instance) – The property set template to add the property template to.

  • name (str,optional) – The name of the property

  • description (str,optional) – A few words describing what the property stores.

  • primary_measure_type – The data type of the property. Consult the IFC documentation for the full list of data types.

  • primary_measure_type – str,optional


The newly created IfcSimplePropertyTemplate.

Return type:



# Create a simple template that may be applied to all types
template = ifcopenshell.api.run("pset_template.add_pset_template", model, name="ABC_RiskFactors")

# Here's one example property
ifcopenshell.api.run("pset_template.add_prop_template", model, pset_template=template,
    name="HighVoltage", description="Whether there is a risk of high voltage.",

# Here's another
ifcopenshell.api.run("pset_template.add_prop_template", model, pset_template=template,
    name="ChemicalType", description="The class of chemical spillage.",