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ifcopenshell.api.layer.add_layer.add_layer(file, Name=None) None

Adds a new layer

An IFC layer is like a CAD layer. Portions of an object’s geometry (typically portions of its 2D linework) can be assigned to layers, which can provide stylistic information such as line weights, colours, or simply be used for filtering.

Layers have historically been used to organise CAD data and included in ISO standards such as ISO 13567 or by the AIA. This alllows IFC data to be compatible with older, 2D-oriented, layer-based workflows.

Some software that are still based on layers, such as Tekla or ArchiCAD may also use this layer information for filtering.


Name (str, optional) – The name of the layer. Defaults to “Unnamed”.


The newly created IfcPresentationLayerAssignment element

Return type:



ifcopenshell.api.run(“layer.add_layer”, model, Name=”AI-WALL-FULL-DIMS-N”)