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class ifcpatch.recipes.FixArchiCADToRevitSpaces.Patcher(src, file, logger)

Allow ArchiCAD IFC spaces to open as Revit rooms

The underlying problem is that Revit does not bring in IFC spaces as spaces / rooms in Revit when you link an IFC in Revit. This has been broken for at least 3 years and counting. This is a problem typically for ArchiCAD architects who want to send rooms to MEP folks using Revit.

See bug: https://github.com/Autodesk/revit-ifc/issues/15

The solution is to open an IFC in Revit instead of linking it, which will convert IFC spaces into Revit rooms. However, there are very specific scenarios where Revit will convert these rooms, which have been painstakingly reverse engineered through trial and error. Firstly, the rooms should have a lower bound with a Z value matching the Z value of the storey it is on. Secondly, although faceted breps do work in some scenarios (I assume Revit has an internal topological analysis tool), conversion to an extruded area solid yield much more robust results. Finally, changing the Precision value to an obscene number very strangely seems to cause a lot more rooms to be converted successfully.

This patch is designed to only work on ArchiCAD IFC exports where the only contents of the IFC is IFC space and nothing else. It also requires you to run it using Blender, as the geometric modification uses the Blender geometry engine.


ifcpatch.execute({"input": "input.ifc", "file": model, "recipe": "FixArchiCADToRevitSpaces", "arguments": []})