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ifcopenshell.api.structural.add_structural_boundary_condition.add_structural_boundary_condition(file, name=None, connection=None, ifc_class='IfcBoundaryNodeCondition') None

Adds a new structural boundary condition to a structural connection

The type of boundary condition depends on the connection. Point connections will have a node condition, curve connections will have an edge condition, and surface connections will have a face condition.

  • name (str,optional) – The name of the boundary condition.

  • connection (ifcopenshell.entity_instance,optional) – The IfcStructuralConnection to apply the boundary condition to. This will determine the type of condition that is created. If no connection is supplied, an orphan boundary condition will be created using the ifc_class that you specify.

  • ifc_class (str,optional) – The class of IfcBoundaryCondition to create, only relevant if you do not specify a connection and want to create an orphaned boundary condition.


The newly created IfcBoundaryCondition

Return type:



ifcopenshell.api.run("structural.add_structural_boundary_condition", model, connection=connection)