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ifcopenshell.api.structural.add_structural_activity.add_structural_activity(file, ifc_class='IfcStructuralPlanarAction', predefined_type='CONST', global_or_local='GLOBAL_COORDS', applied_load=None, structural_member=None) None

Adds a new structural activity

A structural activity is either a structural action or a reaction. It may be applied to a point, a curve, or a planar surface, and may be a constant load, linear, etc.

The activity must be defined using an applied load, and associated with a structural member.

  • ifc_class (str) – Choose from any subtype of IfcStructuralActivity.

  • predefined_type (str) – View the IFC documentation for what valid predefined types may be chosen.

  • global_or_local (str) – The location coordinates of the load is always defined locally relative to the structural member the activity is assigned to. However, the directions of the applied load may either be specified globally or locally depending on how this argument is set. Choose from GLOBAL_COORDS or LOCAL_COORDS.

  • applied_load (ifcopenshell.entity_instance) – The IfcStructuralLoad that is applied in this activity.

  • structural_member (ifcopenshell.entity_instance) – The IfcStructuralMember that the load is applied to.


The newly created entity based on the ifc_class

Return type: